Philosophy Sophistry and Theology

Let me preface by saying that this should never be viewed as an attack on religion or any belief system. These conceptual tools we have chiseled away at reality with all this time have brought us to this point, and I try always to respect them as such. Is it not a wonderful thing when a young human is given, as birthright, a rich and engaging story to explain our existential crisis? I have always had an appetite for mythology. Whether it be archaic, contemporary, or a new age blend of the two, it is with mythology that we gain perspective. We use myth and metaphor as the tools of a navigator, charting his way from what is known into the unfathomed. Let us honor and appreciate our ancestral inheritance by continuing onward, upward, and inward. Exploration is the duty and privilege of mankind. I believe in few things as strongly as this. Whatever force and love and momentum has brought us this far is intimately connected to our sense that: survival is simply not enough. We are the cognitive obsession manifest with two hands! Our appetite for knowledge knows no bounds, and by this we have grown our global infrastructure. It seems logical to my mind to apply this principle to all layers and aspects of life. As the parasite which knows to not completely disable the host, we too as a species might gain such foresight.

Some Thoughts On The Conception of a Modern Unified Field Theory: The Universe Within A Photon of Light, or (Everything Within Everything)

Some Thoughts On The Conception of a Modern Unified Field Theory:
The Universe Within A Photon of Light, or (Everything Within Everything)

I have often heard asked the question: What would a singularity look like?

This. This is what it would look like. Everything outside existing within, and everything within being also outside. This is true not only because our conceptions of space and matter are unfounded and language is an invention, but because the separations we conclude are inconsequential. Draw lines in any language, or as skillfully and accurately as you please, all conception is ouroboric.

Everything is true, nothing is true, and magic is real.

What is Human Software Development?

This is a question which culminates in every question ever asked, as well as the perceived answers to such. What is consciousness? What is truth? What lies beyond perception?

These questions are too vast, yet give gentle heat to the conditions of life producing ever more novel states of being. This is The Great Work in which we all play.

The answers we provide ourselves matter in light of translation, and all voices are not only welcome but necessary! May our Alchemy be not deficient in any nutrition! Namaste.